Daneswell/Smurfit Site Large-scale Residential Development planning application

Tue, Aug 16, 2022

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At the start of August a Large-scale Residential Development application was made to Dublin City Council for the development of 168 apartment units, a creche, and café at Daneswell Place, Former Printworks/Smurfit Site, Botanic Road, Glasnevin, Dublin 9. The application was declared invalid on the 9th of August as Dublin City Council felt the description contained in the application was insufficiently detailed for the public. The application was resubmitted on the 22 Aug 2022. Last day for observations is Monday 26th of September 2022. On 13th September at 8pm Neasa will host an online meeting to discuss the application.

Daneswell/Smurfit Site Large-scale Residential Development planning application

[Update 13-Oct-2022]

On the 9th November 2022 an appeal of Dublin City Council’s decision to grant permission was lodged with An Bord Pleanála

[Update 13-Oct-2022]

Dublin City Council granted permission for the development.

A number of conditions have been attached to this grant including:

Differences between the 9th Aug. application and 22nd Aug. application

Dublin City Council declared the 9th Aug. application invalid because it was “insufficient for the information of the public”. In particular the application did not contain sufficient information on what permission has already been granted on the site.

The new application contains the details of the permitted scheme.

In addition the following files were updated:

What is a Large-scale Residential Development (LRD)

Large-scale Residential Development is the process that replaces the Strategic Housing Development (SHD) process. It is similar to the SHD process in that it deals with applications for 100 or more houses or 200 or more student accommodation bed spaces.

A key difference however is that Large-scale Residential Development applications are made directly to the local authority (Dublin City Council in this case). Strategic Housing Development applications were made to An Bord Pleanála.

Unix Mix

Previous Applications on this site

Summary of some of main planning applications for the site:

35 houses have been built on the site.

There are a number of approved applications on this site already which this application will amend: 3665/15, 4267/17, 2133/18, and 4306/18.

Part V Social Housing

Dublin City Council’s preferred option is to acquire units on site to fulfil the Part V Social Housing obligation. All Part V Social Housing is in Block A facing Botanic Road and comprises:

21 in total which is approximately 10% of the total units on the site (35 existing housing units in addition to the 168 apartment units in this application).

Map of blocks


(16th Sep: Corrected heights)

The development is split across 5 blocks


73 car spaces broken down as follows:

The proposed cycle parking spaces will comprise of the following:

Public Open Space

A public open space has been provided to the rear of the development (outlined in blue below)

Map of Public Open Space


The site is zoned as “Sustainable Residential Neighbourhoods – Zone Z1” which intends “to protect, provide and improve residential amenities”.

Plot ratio and site coverage

More information

The application reference is LRD6001/22-S3A (9th of August Application was LRD6001/22-S3)

A web site for the application is available at https://www.daneswelllrd.ie/

Last day for observations is Monday 26th of September 2022.

A guide to making a planning observation can be found here.

On 13th September at 8pm Neasa will host an online meeting to discuss the application, hear any observations from people in the area with a view to sending an observation to Dublin City Council. You can sign up for an invite to that meeting here.

Please get in contact with any queries at neasa.hourigan@oireachtas.ie

Picture of Block A