Walkway between Church Avenue and St. Mobhi Boithrin

Tue, Oct 12, 2021

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The walkway has been closed for some time (from start of 2020 at least) due to structural issues with the wall around the church grounds. Councillor Darcy Lonergan followed up with the the Area Manager during the October 2021 Central Area Committee Meeting to see what the next steps are to reopen the walkway.

Walkway between Church Avenue and St. Mobhi Boithrin

There is currently hoarding and structural supports in place to protect the walls of the grounds of Saint Mobhi’s Church. This hoarding is infringing on the public pathway.

In response to Councillor Darcy Lonergan’s question the Area Manager said:

“The public walkway between Church Ave and St Mobhi Boithrin has been inspected by the Senior Executive Engineer in Roads and Traffic. His findings were that the pathway in its current condition does not meet Dublin City Council regulations pertaining to path size as the hoarding and structural supports for the church wall are infringing upon the existing path and therefore the walkway must remain closed.

An ESB service which runs between the path and the church, will need to be relocated as part of the works associated with the church. This is necessary in order for the church wall to be repaired. Council staff recently met with a representative from the church who is liaising with the ESB with regard to this matter."

We will provide additional updates on this matter as they become available.

Picture of lane way