Update on the development plans for the Clonliffe College site

Thu, Jul 9, 2020

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If you didn't get to make the briefing from Hines Ireland today on the developments planned for the Clonliffe College site please find a summary of the key points below. Please note that this is an early stage plan. Lots of positives in the plan but also elements that we feel could be better. The shortage of good quality housing in the city has not gone away so it is incumbent on us all to make sure the best possible use is made of the site.

Update on the development plans for the Clonliffe College site

(Update 22-July-21 Latest update on this matter can be found here )

If you have any thoughts on the below please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Neasa Hourigan TD, Cllr. Janet Horner or Cllr. Darcy Lonergan

Roughly half of the site is being developed by Hines for residential use (circa 7 hectares), half by the GAA (circa 5 hectares). In addition to the hotel the GAA plan to develop a sporting ground comprising a Clubhouse and two pitches.

A masterplan for the Clonliffe lands can be found here

The latest plan contains 1,650 apartments broken down as follows:

There will be no co-living on the site i.e. all units will have own kitchen

No apartments will be sold by the developers:


There’s a focus on keeping the existing trees and adding more trees

A dog park is planned

There will be a riverside walk which will be part of a route that surrounds development

Green public open spaces

Allotments are being considered

Pitches - will be open to schools

Will provide a large crèche (circa 5,000 sq ft)

There will be an option for a bridge over the Tolka near the Tolka park. Still a lot of detail to work out on that with Dublin City Council.

Lands are currently zoned: