Statement by Deputy Neasa Hourigan on the Residential Tenancies and Evaluation Bill (2020) vote

Thu, Jul 30, 2020

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This afternoon I decided to support non-government amendments proposed to the Residential Tenancies and Evaluation Bill and ultimately against the bill itself. I did this because I hold significant concerns as to the impact of the government legislation on people living in precarious tenancies.

The government’s legislation does not offer enough protection for renters on eviction due to sale, recognised as a driver of homelessness, nor does it sufficiently recognise the risks posed by the rent arrears accrued during the pandemic. I had made my concerns known to my colleagues at the beginning of the week.

My vote was in line with Green Party policy and the legislation in question was not contained within the agreements made in the Programme for Government.

While I accept that this stance may lead to negative repercussion for me personally I wish to remain an active member of this government and a Green Party parliamentarian. I want to work with my colleagues to progress legislation that protects the rights and dignity of all people in Ireland and enhances their quality of life during the difficult time of the pandemic and beyond.