Streets are for people

Sat, Aug 31, 2019

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Streets Are For People is an event series organised by a number of advocacy groups to take back our streets. The effort is supported by members of the Dublin Central Green Party branch (including Cllr. Neasa Hourigan and Cllr. Janet Horner). We all want our public spaces to be cleaner, healthier and more people-friendly and are willing to take action to make that happen.

Streets are for people


Why are we taking these actions?

What’s been done so far

20th Jul 2019 - most of South William Street was pedestrianised for the day

31st August 2019 - a section of Liffey Street was pedestrianised for the day

Here’s a view of what Liffey Street would look like when pedestrianised

Thankfully, in its September meeting, the City Council voted to moved ahead with the pedestrianisation of a portion of Liffey Street. Detailed plans can be seen here

It remains to be seen if this plan will be challenged by local car park operators and shopping centres.

What’s next

It’s safe to say there will be more actions to come. Stay tuned to the Streets are for People Facebook and Twitter to hear about future actions.