The unsafe use of scramblers in the city

Fri, Dec 15, 2023

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The Gardaí have new powers to deal with the unsafe use of scramblers in the city. Importantly the new law allows Gardaí to seize and dispose of scramblers whether at the scene or where the vehicle is kept.


Cllr. Janet Horner

Neasa and I recently met with Commissioner Drew Harris and we discussed a range of topics including policing of the City centre, including the community safety partnerships and community policing, policing the far right and last but not least, Scramblers. If you live in the city centre or in the North Inner City at the moment, you will have seen Scramblers being driven in a very unsafe manner around the area. The last thing we want is for anybody to be hurt, either the riders of the Scramblers themselves or members of the public. So we are keen to see this change.

Neasa Hourigan TD

The Green Party recently brought in new legislation which makes it easier to tackle this issue. And very importantly, the Gardaí don’t have to chase the people who are riding Scramblers to intercept and seize those bikes. In fact, in Limerick recently they seized 44 Scramblers on the basis that it’s antisocial and pretty scary if you’re bringing up kids in the city centre, you know that watching Scramblers race down the street isn’t particularly great. So we’re really hoping that this will make a change.