Councillors call to reallocate road space to make COVID-19 restrictions safer for all

Mon, Apr 13, 2020

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Green Party councillors on Dublin City Council have written to the Council's Chief Executive, Owen Keegan to call for reallocation of road space for walking & cycling during COVID-19 including: cones to widen footpaths;. temporary road pedestrianisations; bollards to create quiet-ways. All in order to make social distancing and 2km zone easier and safer for all.

Letter from Councillors: Claire Byrne, Hazel Chu, Caroline Conroy, Donna Cooney, Lawrence Hemmings, Janet Horner, Darcy Lonergan, Carolyn Moore, Spohie Nicoullaud, Michael Pidgeon.

Letter, page 1

Letter, page 2

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Owen Keegan response 14 April 2019:

Owen Keegan response