Inconsistencies in real-time bus displays

Tue, Sep 27, 2022

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I had asked the National Transport Authority why there are occasional inconsistencies between the bus real-time displays at the stop and the real-time display in the mobile application; the reason that buses occasionally disappear from the real-time displays; and the plans to resolve these issues.

Inconsistencies in real-time bus displays

In short there are different sources of data used by the mobile app and bus stop displays. Where services are cancelled a data source may not be updated resulting in an inconsistency. The NTA is looking at the root cause of this issue.

Separately the Authority is currently conducting a procurement competition to replace the current Dublin Bus Automatic Vehicle Location system. The intention is to standardise the data sources across all bus operators in order to improve data consistency and provide other improvements to RTPI across bus services nationwide.

The full response from the NTA is attached.