Prussia Street (old IDA Centre) 373 bed Student Accommodation development

Tue, Apr 2, 2024

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A Large-scale Residential Development planning application was made on the 15th of March to Dublin City Council for a 373 bed Student Accommodation development at the old IDA centre on Prussia Street.

Prussia Street (old IDA Centre) 373 bed Student Accommodation development

What is a Large-scale Residential Development (LRD)?

Large-scale Residential Development is the process that replaces the Strategic Housing Development (SHD) process. It is similar to the SHD process in that it deals with applications for 100 or more houses or 200 or more student accommodation bed spaces.

A key difference however is that Large-scale Residential Development applications are made directly to the local authority (Dublin City Council in this case). Strategic Housing Development applications were made to An Bord Pleanála.


Layout of the development

Sunlight and Daylight Analysis

A report on the impact of the development on nearby properties can be found on the development’s web site. A number of points around the development are assessed for shadows cast by the development.

Sunlight and Daylight Analysis Points assessed

Part V Social Housing

The requirement for Social and Affordable Housing under Part V of the Planning Acts do not apply to student accommodation developments.


There is no car parking proposed on site. No staff car parking is proposed within the scheme.

There will be 373 secure bicycle parking spaces for residents and 75 visitor bicycle parking spaces.

The site contains a designated refuse truck collection and turning area, which doubles as a loading bay for the café.


Access to the development will be from Prussia Street. There will be a gate from Drumalee Court to facilitate maintenance access for Dublin City Council.

More information

The application reference is LRD6050/24-S3

A web site for the application is available at

Last day for observations is Thursday 18 Apr 2024.

A guide to making a planning observation can be found at

Public online meeting

On Wednesday 10th April at 8pm Cllr. Janet Horner and Neasa Hourigan TD will hold a public online meeting to discuss the application and how to submit any observations ahead of the deadline (Thursday 18 Apr).

You can sign up to receive the Zoom link for that meeting here.