Position paper on Citizens' Assembly on Drugs

Tue, Apr 26, 2022

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Neasa Hourigan TD has today published the Citizens’ Assembly on Evidence Informed Drugs Policy from a Harm Reduction Perspective, which proposes a framework for how the upcoming assembly might approach its work. The paper calls for people’s lived experience to be made central to the Citizens’ Assembly. Harm reduction and recovery strategies are most effectively developed in collaboration with those experiencing the impacts of drug use and misuse. By centring the voice of individuals, families and communities experiencing the impacts of drug use the Citizens’ Assembly can seek to tackle structural problems that increase risk of drug problems.

Position paper on Citizens' Assembly on Drugs

Neasa Hourigan, Green Party Spokesperson for health and TD for Dublin Central said:

We need to do more for those impacted by drug use in this country. First and foremost, on those caught in addiction and their families, but also on many other facets of society including: homelessness, strain on our health and justice services, organised crime, and anti-social behaviour.

We need an evidence-based drug use policy that comes from a position of harm reduction. “The Citizens’ Assembly is a useful vehicle for dealing with contentious issues. The Citizens’ Assembly on Drugs Use needs to be able to consider a broad range of responses to our country’s problem with drugs. It needs to be informed by people with a lived experience of drugs and international best practice

The full position paper is available here: neasahourigan.com/ca-drugs-paper

Prior to the launch Neasa hosted a meeting including contributions from:

A recording of that meeting can be found on the Green Party Facebook page.

The position paper has been provied to the Taoiseach for cosnideration.