Pickpockets on Dublin Bus

Thu, Dec 21, 2023

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Some of you may have seen posts about pensioners being targetted by pickpockets on Dublin Bus after collecting their pensions. I’ve been in touch with the Gardaí on this and there is an update from the Gardaí attached including some crime prevention advice.

Pickpockets on Dublin Bus

I know Dublin Bus have started making announcements on board about pickpockets. Likewise I’m aware that the postmaster is also flagging the issue with pensioners and Gardaí. If you have elderly relatives or neighbours you can also flag this with them.

If you are aware of anyone that has been a victim of such a crime please ask them to report it. The Gardaí need these reports to know where/when to target resources.

An Garda Síochána are currently investigating an incident of theft of an individual’s social welfare payment after they had collected it from the post office in Omni Park, Santry. The individual used the bus to travel into the city centre after collecting their payment. The post master covering Omni Park and Drumcondra has reported hearing of similar cases of theft. If there are other incidents of this type of theft they have not yet been reported. Anyone that has been the victim of a theft is advised to contact their local Garda Station and make a formal complaint as soon as possible. The detective unit in Mountjoy Garda station are following up with the postmaster to get in contact with any victims of theft that have not reported same.

Community Gardaí are engaging with staff and carrying out patrols of post offices on a regular basis and specifically when double payments of social welfare are taking place.

Pensioners collecting their welfare payments are advised:

  • If possible apply to have money transferred to bank so you do not need to collect cash in person
  • Drive or get a lift to the post office when collecting your payments where possible.
  • Keep your cash in a zipped up pocket in your trousers or jacket.
  • Consider using a money bag pouch under your shirt strapped around your waist.
  • Do not have your money on display
  • Report to the postmaster or to Gardaí any suspicious behaviour you see in or around the post office. This includes anyone hanging around outside the post office watching customers.
  • If you believe anyone is following you after collecting your payment call the Gardaí as soon as possible.