Old Cabra Road Service Station

Thu, Sep 15, 2022

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A number of concerned locals have been in touch with my office in relation to the Go Garage on the Old Cabra Road, and a number of breaches they have made in relation to their planning permission.

Old Cabra Road Service Station

The planning breaches at 87 Old Cabra Road (planning reference: 4353/17) have included operating outside of their specified hours and failing to comply with their requirements in terms of lighting.

Our office has been in touch with Dublin City Council about these breaches and have since been informed by the Area Enforcement Officer that Dublin City Council has initiated a Section 154 Enforcement Notice in relation to noncompliance with conditions 2, 3C, 5 and 6 of the original planning permission. These related to the position of visual amenities, landscaping, lighting and operating hours respectively.

This is outlined by Dublin City Council here.

Go Garage had made an application for retention of some of the conditions they originally failed to meet. Dublin City Council have since ruled on this application and there was a split decision. Dublin City Council agreed to allow for the larger forecourt canopy albeit in line with rules on obtrusive light. But they did further require adherence to parts of the original grant permission including illumination and operational hours.

Full decision can be read here.