Question on the National Diabetes Register

Wed, Oct 6, 2021

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Today Neasa requested a timeline to be published for the resumption of work on the National Diabetes Register.

Deputy Neasa Hourigan:

Approximately one in 20 people in Ireland lives with diabetes. Despite this, we do not have a good handle on clinical outcomes or prevalence rates at a geographical level. This means we cannot provide the appropriate services where they are needed. University Hospital Limerick is one of the few model 4 hospitals that does not offer a DAFNE course for managing type 1 diabetes. Without this training, patients run the risk of developing life-altering complications. This is a terrible outcome for the patient and much more expensive for the State to manage in the long run. I am aware work on the national diabetes register was paused due to Covid and there is no timeline for when that work will be restarted. When might we expect a timeline to be published for the resumption of work on the national diabetes register?

Minister Darragh O’Brien

I thank the Deputy for her question on diabetes care. I have visited a centre in Santry that is providing significant new treatments for diabetes and treating people with difficult health issues and having a really positive effect. The community-based treatments needed for managing chronic diseases are clearly highlighted in Sláintecare, as to how that roll-out happens. As best as possible, we need to see an expedited delivery of that for diabetes and others, which are prevalent throughout the country. That is something the Government is committed to doing in this space, in particular. We have seen some advances, especially in diabetes care, in the past few years, on which we intend to build.