Inaugural meeting of Irish Pedestrian Network

Tue, Feb 26, 2019

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The inaugural meeting of Irish Pedestrian Network was held this evening in Teachers' Club in Dublin. Three resolutions were passed by the group.

Inaugural meeting of Irish Pedestrian Network

Following work by Neasa on the Dublin Blockers campaign the Irish Pedestrian Network has had its first meeting.

Three resolutions were passed at the meeting:

Resolution 1: 100% of Irish residents and visitors are pedestrians. The IPN will work to represent their needs in an inclusive and ambitous way and to deliver a public realm that is accessible, walkable and supportive of our own, and the planet’s, health.

Resolution 2: The Hierarchy of the Street

  1. Vulnerable Pedestrians
  2. Pedestrians
  3. Cyclists and self propelled vehicles
  4. Public Transport
  5. Privately Rented Transport (Taxis)
  6. Local Business Collection and Delivery
  7. Local Motor Traffic
  8. Non Local Motor Traffic

Resolution 3. ‘We believe that a space that is not suitable for the most vulnerable amongst us is not a usable space at all. All footpaths, streets, squares and developments should be designed with a universality of access in mind.’

If any person or group would like to get in contact or would like a copy of the minutes from our first meeting please drop us a line at or follow us on Twitter @IrishPedestrian

Also of interest will be an interview Neasa and others did with Newstalk on the Irish Pedestrian Network