Congestion at junction of Griffith Avenue and Drumcondra Road Upper

Thu, Feb 29, 2024

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Constituents have raised concerns to me about the delays on Griffith Avenue at the junction of Griffith Avenue and Drumcondra Road Upper. Concerns were also raised about overtaking to reach the filter lanes. I've been in touch with Dublin City Council's Traffic Department about this issue and it's response is below.

Congestion at junction of Griffith Avenue and Drumcondra Road Upper

Dublin City Council response:

“At the junction of Swords Road/ Griffith Avenue, the Swords Road approaches receive a majority of available green time each cycle of the traffic signals as the Swords Road is a main public transport artery to/from the city and the main city transportation route to Dublin airport, Northern Ireland and northern commuter areas. Allocation of extra green time to Griffith Avenue approaches reduces the green time available to the Swords Road and thus increase public transport journey times, delaying hundreds of passengers, contrary to Dublin City Council policy to prioritise sustainable modes of transportation.

Every effort is made to keep traffic moving on all routes in so far as possible, however increasing volume of traffic, coupled with the need to service priority demands from pedestrians, cyclists and public transport means that a balance needs to be struck between these multiple modes, on multiple approaches to junctions. It is therefore not always possible to prioritise one route over others.

However an in depth traffic survey is being arranged for this location to determine the current traffic movements situation onsite. The results of this survey will be assessed to determine if there are any changes that could be made to allow for the situation on Griffith Avenue to be ameliorated while keeping the main public transport corridor working and protecting the safety of pedestrians and cyclists.

Thank you for your query”

Overtaking leading to the junction