Green Up Cabra-Glasnevin

Mon, Apr 8, 2019

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Here's my 3 point plan to green-up our local neighbourhoods and make sure all our families and friends have access to green space, clean air and a healthy environment.

Green Up Cabra-Glasnevin


We need to protect and expand the green areas we already have. This means fighting for our existing mature trees, insisting on well tended and biodiverse planting in public areas and replanting the very many verge areas and tree bases that were once green, and are now covered in tarmac. Green resources in the city do an important job helping to reduce air pollution and supporting our wellbeing.

Tree Stump


Our area of Dublin is densely populated and diverse. We could make great use of small scale green space on sites that are unsuitable for other development or adjacent to new builds. We could have dedicated uses such as sensory parks pocket parks, bee friendly parks, dog parks and many others.

This used to be a patch of green


You don’t need to release wolves into the area to really make a difference to our urban wildlife! Increasing our green amenities by implementing the two points above would give birds, insects and small animals places to rest and feed in what can be a harsh urban environment. Dublin City Council could also encourage wildlife by planting indigenous, bee friendly plants and making sure water sources are available around the area.