Council vote on Filtered Permeability trial in Grangegorman

Tue, Dec 8, 2020

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On the 12th January Dublin City Council's Central Area Committee will vote on making the Filtered Permeability trial in Grangegorman permanent. The measure uses bollards to prevent motorised through traffic in order to create safer space for local residents, local school children and for thousands of pedestrians and cyclists arriving at Technological University Dublin. If you support this measure being made permanent you need to let your local councillors know (contact details below).

Council vote on Filtered Permeability trial in Grangegorman

Neasa and Cllr. Janet Horner were in the area recently to record their reasons for supporting for the proposal. The street remains open to cars, cyclists and pedestrians the only difference being that the street is no longer accessible as a rat run. That will make a massive difference to school children, university students and commuters who will use this street.

Cllr Janet Horner has a more detailed piece on the rationale for the changes

You can mail all the councillors on central committee by clicking here or individually with below links. Some sample text has been provided but feel free to have your own say.

North Inner City


Dublin City Council’s overview of the trial can be found here.

Cllr. Janet Horner has a piece on the trial and a wider discussion on the changes to the streets of the North Inner City.