Dublin Footpath Blockers

Wed, Oct 31, 2018

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So I started a little campaign in the last few months. As you may know my 6 year old is a white cane user. As we try and encourage her to use it on the street it has become very apparent that our public streets and civic environment isn’t actually very friendly to people with disabilities.

Dublin Footpath Blockers

Cars parked up everywhere, overgrown hedges, broken pavements, dog dirt, the list is endless. (On some level I knew this of course but it becomes very immediate and undeniable when you have to explain it to a small child.)

So I have created Dublin Blockers. We’re on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. You should contact you’re local Garda station or DSPS to report dangerous or inconsiderate parking but also take a snap and send it to one of our accounts. It can be useful to chart this kind of thing in an easily accessible place. (And also if I reported every example of this I would be on the phone 5-8 times everyday!)