60-Second Update: Citizens Assembly on Drugs

Wed, Jul 21, 2021

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Neasa gives a 60-second update on the progress of the Citizens Assembly on Drugs that was promised in the Programme for Government.


Hi! This is a sixty second update on where we are with the Drugs Citizens Assembly that was promised in the Programme for Government, and in particular the issue of cannabis and its legalisation or decriminalisation.

The Implementation Team on this from the Green Party spent the morning listening to the lived experience of people who use cannabis, either for medicinal purposes or for recreational purposes. We also looked through some of the data on how this has impacted people in countries where it has been legalised and what might be possible.

The Citizens Assembly on Drugs the plan is that it will happen at the beginning of 2022 and will run alongside the Citizens Assembly on Biodiversity – which is a nice confluence.

So that is the plan and I am very hopeful we will see real movement on this issue in the very near future.