Retention planning application at 1A Carlingford Road

Fri, Jun 28, 2024

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A planning application has been made at the former Andersons Creperie for a change of use from coffee shop/creperie to funeral home (chapel of rest) including a smaller coffee shop.

Retention planning application at 1A Carlingford Road


Retention planning application

A retention planning application is viewed the same way as a normal planning application with the exception that the fees are about three times more expensive than a regular planning application. Such fees are generally not material in a project where construction work takes place i.e. fees go from €3.60 per sqm to €10.80 per sqm.

The fact the planning application is a retention planning application is not in itself a grounds for refusal. Any retention planning application is assessed against the same criteria as a regular application.

The primary incentive for not going the retention route is that there is a risk that the retention will not be granted or part granted. This would then require the applicant to undo some of the work done.

Making an observation

When the retention planning application is made anyone may make an observation based on planning grounds. Some detail on this can be found at

Sample grounds might include: traffic and transport impacts; adherence to zoning guidelines; impact of the amenity of the area.

It is unlikely that the following would be grounds for refusal: previous planning history of the individual; the fact that the application is a retention application.


1A Carlingford Road would be in zone Z2. Zone Z2 does list funeral homes as under “Open for Consideration Uses”. Development Plan zoning pages are included below in the attachment section.



Application files

It normally takes Dublin City Council a few days to scan and review the documentation before it appears on the planning web site.

In the interim please find below in the attachments section scans of some of the hard copy documentation filed with Dublin City Council.

Online information meeting

At 8pm on Thursday 11th July 2024 Neasa will host an online meeting to discuss the application, hear any observations from people in the area and outline the process for sending an observation to Dublin City Council.

You can sign up for an invite to that meeting here